New Mulch Removal Service!

Flatirons Stump Removal is pleased to announce our new pricing structure. Our standard pricing is unchanged, and includes full tree stump removal, with excess mulch left for the homeowner to incorporate into existing landscape or dispose of. Same service, same pricing as before. Additionally, we offer a new Complete Service which includes mulch removal to.. read more →

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding in Golden Colorado

Beautiful day to remove a cedar tree stump for a residence in Golden, Colorado. Our steel-framed safety screens that help protect from flying chips and debris have seen their fair share of use and abuse over the past three years and new screens are on the way, hopefully in time for the next post. read more →

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal in Boulder Colorado

Removing some tree stumps at a beautiful residence on the north side of Boulder, Colorado to make room for new landscaping. read more →

How do I get rid of a tree stump?

For perhaps the last 50 years, this organism of sap, leaves and wood has been improving its death grip on your yard. It really only has that one defense: to more firmly anchor itself to terra firma by spreading roots as deep and broad as possible. But now the tree is gone, but the stump.. read more →

Are chemicals safe and effective for removing tree stumps in Colorado?

Obviously, as a stump removal company, we always prefer to grind a stump into mulch in a few minutes, clean up the mess, and leave with our customers smiling! But there are some applications where it may be appropriate to consider other options. People often ask if chemical stump removal treatments are safe and effective… read more →