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Tree, bush or hedge stump removal

For tree stumps, bush stumps or hedge stumps, our standard specifications call for stumps to be removed to about 8-10″ below grade which is usually sufficient to remove the entire root ball, turning the stump into a rich mix of mulch and dirt. The resultant stump void is filled, packed and mounded 1-3 inches above ground level to allow for settling. Remaining mulch is hauled away with our Complete Service, or left with our Standard Service for the property owner to reincorporate throughout the landscape (or dispose of) saving you money!

Tree replanting & replacement assistance

If you are planning to replace a dead or dying tree and want to replant right where the old tree was, or in a nearby location, let Flatirons Stump Removal use our stump grinder to dig the hole for you. For an additional $35 with any stump removal, you can avoid the pick axe work of cutting through roots to plant your new tree. Just mark out where you want your new tree and we will put a 45″ diameter x 15″ deep hole where ever you like, filled with soft, freshly tilled earth.

If you need a referral for someone to plant a tree, check out our Partners page.

Does Flatirons remove or trim trees?

We do not. We are stump specialists only. Please check out our Partners page for all tree services: tree removal, tree pruning or tree trimming, deep root watering, disease treatments, emergency tree servicespesticide application, tree re-planting or tree replacement.

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