Stump Removal – How it Works

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We start with a Utility Locate

While not all stump removal companies or full service tree companies do a utility locate prior to service, we feel (and are obligated under Colorado law) to arrange for a locate prior to service. In addition to the obvious safety concerns, a utility locate protects you the property owner and allows our insurance company to stand behind us. We generally need 3-4 days lead time to allow for the locate services to be completed. The additional administrative time & paper work is included in our minimum charge.

We use a two-pass system

After clearing any rocks, debris, and obstacles from around the stump and deploying a ground cloth & protective steel-framed safety screens, we begin stump grinding by cutting the wood from the heart of the stump, separating the resultant wood chips from dirt as much as possible. We then either haul away that mulch or pile it for your use. (See our Stump Removal Pricing page.)

The second pass cuts the remaining roots & stump along with surrounding dirt and is repacked into the hole to leave the ground approximately level or raised an inch or two. This is the most fluffy the ground will be and settling is expected but should end up close to the original grade level in most cases.

Safety Screens

Stump removal is a battle of physics & fossil fuels vs. years of organic growth, and the point of contact is a violent place. Flatirons is one of the only stump service companies in the Denver area that deploys steel-framed heavy duty mesh safety screens to protect your property by containing flying debris.