Flatirons Stump Removal is hiring

Stump grinder operator/driver

  • Something totally different
  • A chance to clear your head and become more centered 
  • Fresh air, sunshine and 10,000+ steps/day
  • An opportunity to increase your strength and become more physically fit
  • About 80% non-sedentary, but with breaks on most days
  • Work with a top rated company  
  • Weight loss and increased strength is common
  • Independent & self-directed work
  • Flexible schedule can accommodate vacation plans
  • Second highest* job satisfaction of any job in the US (just behind demolition crane operators.)

So, what is this job? Tree stump removal.

Yup, tree stumps. It’s easier than it sounds and does not involve digging stumps out of the ground – it’s more of a machine operation & driving job, but commonly involves moving/loading/lifting usually about 1 ton of mulch each day (give or take a ton) about 60-1000 lbs at a time.

Applicant must

◦ Have a clean driving record (no accidents)

◦ Have a clean drug screen

◦ Ability to lift 60-100 lbs from waist high to chest high. 

Ideal candidate 

◦ Be an unhurried and careful driver 

◦ Have experience/skill driving & backing a trailer 

◦ Off-road/Four-wheeling/jeeping experience 

◦ Be comfortable driving a pickup carrying a load and pulling a trailer. 

◦ Take pride in a job well done

◦ Will have a strong desire to help maintain our company 5-star rating

Text 303-506-3871  for more info or to set up a ride-along to see if it’s for you. 


◦ We offer several compensation options:

Summer, Seasonal, Part-time or Full-time employment positions available. All employees start with training at $25/hour (usually first 1 week) 

  • Regular/hourly employee at $27-30/hour after orientation & training
  • Subcontractor employee, as a percentage of gross production. This generally results in higher earnings overall, but with more variability. Employee is responsible for their own taxes and other employment rules apply.
  • Limited healthcare shared insurance reimbursement available.

*this stat has not been verified but is thought to be true, text for details